Very Urgent!  Important Notice! 
     Until now our company Kalen Jewelry only have one website name of , no any more again!
     All others which looked similar like us are not ours, even with our company logo Kalen on the domain name,  all they copy us, we are the Original Kalen Jewelry,  please note that, thanks.
     We are the biggest stainless steel wholesaler and factory in China, we offer very fast and good service, and lots of hot items/new styles in stock, and offer best price, also honest businessman, large registered company, not personal, until now lots of customers from many over 100 different countries already buy from us,  you are lucky and clever choosing to do business with us 
     One more thing, good news, in the future, please use the Google Chrome Browser to open our website, and you can see at the top of each page, can use the Google Translate to translate directly now, any language you can translate to, please go to check it, thanks ...

Rose Ng(Owner Wechat / WhatsApp: 0086 18902492907)

[Remark]  If any emails you got is not from in the future after 2015.06.01, then 100% is not our original kalen jewelry to email you. We already not used our old unsafe to email you again, not gmail now. Just sure our paypal account is still the same still, please 100% do not send any wrong payment to the hacker bad people again in the future, original payment detials is from our website only. 
Best Regard           Kalen Company Limited               2015.06.23

Kalen Stainless Steel Jewelry
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    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40643-Z SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.37
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40637-Z SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.72
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40595-Z SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$4.95
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40581-Z SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.88
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40566-Z SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$5.06
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40414-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$5.66
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40401-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$5.16
    • Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal Ring - KR31901-K Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal RingWholesale Price: US$3.66
    •  Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal Ring - KR31306-K Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal RingWholesale Price: US$3.76
    •  SS Shell Pearl Rings - KR31320-K SS Shell Pearl RingsWholesale Price: US$3.26
    • Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet  - KB55204-D Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet Wholesale Price: US$9.98
    • Stainless Steel Stone Bangle  - KB52197-K Stainless Steel Stone Bangle Wholesale Price: US$6.76
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS38830-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$8.66
    • Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal Ring - KR31618-K Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal RingWholesale Price: US$3.26
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS39490-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.66
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS38226-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$4.26
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS39565-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$5.46
    •  SS Jewelry Set - KS38794-Z SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$4.66
    • Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet  - KB55526-D Stainless Steel Gold-plating Bracelet Wholesale Price: US$6.98
    • Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal Ring - KR31884-K Stainless Steel Stone&Crystal RingWholesale Price: US$3.38

    New Arrivals of Stainless Steel Jewelry Click More

    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40945-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$10.76
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40944-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$8.86
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40943-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$12.16
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40942-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$9.38
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40941-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$12.16
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40940-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$9.38
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40939-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$2.86
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40938-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.56
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40937-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$2.56
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40936-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$2.98
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40935-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.26
    • SS Jewelry Set - KS40934-K SS Jewelry SetWholesale Price: US$3.98


    Why buy wholesale goods from us?

    Our Advantagewe:
    1. China Manufacturer Over 7 Years;
    2. Wholesale Low Price;
    3. Mixed Order Accepted;
    4. Enough Stocks Available;
    5. OEM/ODM/Drop Shipping;
    6. Paypal Accepted;
    7. DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX Good Service;
    8. Over 100 Countries in the world buy from us now;
    9. New Arrivals Each Week. (Pay attension to the Article of "News");
    10. Prompt Order & Fast Delivery-Within 24-72 hours.
    Q1: What is the level discount of the total amount? (Better discount then other suppliers from China)
    1: US$ 500 -- US$ 999 == 3%
    2: US$ 1000 -- US$ 1999 == 4% ;
    3: US$ 2000 -- US$ 2999 == 5% ;
    4: US$ 3000 -- US$ 3999 == 6% ;
    5: US$ 4000 -- US$ 4999 == 7% ;
    6: US$ 5000 -- US$ 6999 == 8% ;
    7: US$ 7000 -- US$ 9999 == 9% ;
    8: US$ 10000 or more, E-mail us for more detailed quotation.
    Q2: Why I can trust you? If you didn't send me the order?
    We are under law of P.R.C, are big manufacturer & wholesaler, and paypal will protect your transaction.
    Q3: What's material of your jewelry?
    Most are 316L stainless steel, some are 304L, and some are other mxed material like leather, plastic and so on.
    Q4: How much shipping cost I need to pay for the order?
    It mainly depands on order weight (volume weight), you can read more of our “Shipping” Catalogue at our website.
    Q5: How long will it take to deliver after payment?
    Wholesale Stock Orders (except OEM orders) will be delivered within 24 hours after payment verified.
    Q6: What should I do after payment?
    Keep attention on your registered email box, thanks.


    kirilove( 190.87.163.*** )2015-3-06 08:30 post

    Muy confiable y muy buena calidad!. Saludos desde ES Centro America.

    mtinoco_1990( 24.153.149.*** )2015-3-02 20:26 post

    You guys are awesome! I love the quality of your products, its fantastic and your customer service is very encouraging. I can say Im verry satisfied. Thanks

    Pamela_asdv( 190.100.108.*** )2015-2-26 11:54 post

    hola,como puedo pagar mi envio? quise hacerlo con tarjeta bancaria y no la recibe,me gustaría me orientaran para poder agilizar mi compra

    Mario Veliz( 190.106.223.*** )2014-8-08 07:43 post

    Thanks for the opportunity to belong to his sales team, I am here at home, thanks VIVI thanks KALEN, best sales team, the best product, the best service,. fondly, M. M

    adrian( 187.166.141.*** )2014-7-21 20:09 post

    Tengo 11 meses trabajando con ustedes y son la mejor empresa , GRACIAS VIVÍ y ROSE por su maravillosa atención y apoyo en todo !!!!! El mejor producto , pero lo mejor es la atención de grandes personas !!! VIvi muchas , muchas gracias gracias!!! ROSE muchas muchas gracias !!!!

    mbernard1218( 67.239.23.*** )2014-5-10 15:54 post

    To the Kalen team, Great job. We have been buying from you for a couple of years and your product far exceeds the rest! Your service is fantastic. You always deliver quickly and without trouble. We have recommended your company to others who are in the business and they say the same thing! Good Job...

    hawk66( 213.113.3.*** )2014-4-27 11:45 post

    Bought 4 times from and been satisfied every time! Nice items and very fast delivery!

    bintune1( 173.218.92.*** )2014-4-22 07:05 post

    Bintune1 looking for order A144200046509 outher gmail at iwould like to know what you havein i need to get thanks

    jessenia13( 190.212.112.*** )2014-3-26 08:30 post

    Hola Srs. de para mi ha sido un placer trajar con ud. estoy iniciando ya le hice el primer pedido, y espero que sea el inicio de un gran negosio, ud. son personas honesta en quien se pued confiar, gracia por todo

    Adjer( 212.50.89.*** )2013-12-08 04:37 post

    Hello dears from I work with you from five years. I am so happy to work with you, because you are honest to your customers. Before to meet you, I use to work with many Chineese company for jewelery and each time they were doing the same thing - I order some jewelry and always are sending me the similar one or some thing else which I never ordered. Many times got bad quality and was getting mad and angry and one day when I found you by google, I ordered and from the first time got so happy because all you jewelry are perfectly done the quality is perfect, the sevice is perfect-so fast delivery and what ever question I ask you always answer me and give me good sugestions. I recomend you to all people who wants to make money to order from you because each year you make so many styles always new styles, always new designes, just perfect company. TO WORK WITH HONEST COMPANY WITH GOOD QUALITY IS SO EASY AND BOTH SIDE IS HAPPY. THANK YOU ROSE TO YOUR SERCICE AND THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR STAFF WHO WORKS IN YOUR COMPANY THAT YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS AND WISH YOU GOD TO TO HELP ALL OF YOU IN THE FUTURE. ADJER DJAMBAZOVA -BULGARIA

    goodnessenterprises( 41.139.100.*** )2013-11-27 02:22 post

    You guys are really awesome! The quality of your products is fantastic and your customer service is very encouraging. Keep it up

    yenovi escalante( 190.92.46.*** )2013-11-09 08:31 post

    guys do a wonderfol job !!!!!!! great , your company is very responsable and the products are amazing. thans for helps us .

    rfalconett( 190.140.16.*** )2013-10-07 01:17 post

    Llevamos mas de 7 meses de comprar con Kalen y la verdad no tenemos queja hasta ahora. La mercancía de excelente calidad y tienen una rapidez de respuesta una.

    Terri( 70.53.100.*** )2013-9-18 06:35 post

    I have been dealing with Kalen for all most a year now and have had many orders! I have dealt with others and Kalen is by far the BEST! I have never been disappointed. The products are amazing! The service is great! and the shipping is so so fast! I am very happy with them and will be a customer for a long time to come! Thanks for all the great products and service!

    pati8791( 91.192.77.*** )2013-6-28 23:57 post

    I am very happy with the jewelry-I heartily recommend :)!

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